What Patients Have to Say

“I started physical therapy with Nate Sorum for a complicated neck condition I had suffered with for may years following several car accidents and 2 neck surgeries. I had physical therapy many times in the past, but I never achieved any significant results. Nate has an excellent knowledge of the science behind chronic pain and he is a very caring and compassionate professional. With the various therapies and techniques he has used, including dry needling, I have achieved excellent results and look forward to being able to do activities I enjoy again.”

-Nancy W.


Dry needling has changed, revitalized and evolved my sports career.  I came in with a chronic shoulder pain and a couple needles later my shoulder literally feels better than it ever has since high school.  That’s seven years of shoulder pain gone in one quick session.


Relyea Speller


Thanks for your help in getting me back on the basketball court. Your recommendation of dry needling, hand massage/manipulation and stretching did the job! Your concern for my well-being can be felt and is appreciated. If others want to live a pain free and active lifestyle they should visit Doctor Nate!

Vinnie Wisniewski


“Nate has made a huge impact on my life, and I am so grateful for that. He has relieved my chronic back pain, and now I am trying trigger point dry needling to completely eliminate my pain. With Nate’s dedication and determination to being an outstanding Physical Therapist, I know I will be able to live my life pain free. I would highly recommend Nate to others, so he can change their lives too.”

-Alyssa S.


When I first met Nate 5 weeks ago, it was with extreme anxiety and questioning myself as to ‘what have I gotten myself into?’. At that time, I had been attending Physical Therapy for 5 months making positive, steady progress. My therapist suggested I try dry needling to further my progress. After googling the procedure and talking to others who have experienced this method of treatment, I decided to give it a try. Everyone I spoke to did experience relief, although several said it was quite painful. So for my first treatment I was expecting a great deal of pain. That never happened. It was mildly uncomfortable lasting only moments. Nate has been professional, reassuring and knowledgable. Having received further relief from muscle tightness, soreness and injuries over the course of treatment, I encourage anyone considering the procedure to give it a try.

Beth P.


I went to see Nate after a year-old lower back injury got reinjured.  It’s so nice to be living with no pain after so long and being able to do things like lift heavy items.  Nate is very good at what he does.  I was impressed by his level of expertise, and I would recommend him to anyone who is dealing with muscle pain.

-Heidi Tatlock


“I have had three hip replacement surgeries and two dislocations of my left hip.  The latest surgery followed the two dislocations in 2014.  I had six weeks of physical therapy immediately following surgery.  I began a second round of physical therapy about four months after surgery with a different therapist.  After a couple of sessions the therapist recommended that I see Nate and incorporate Nate’s dry needling into my therapy.   I am so glad he did.  The sessions with Nate produced results that greatly enhanced the improvements to my ability to regain strength and flexibility in my left leg.  While the concept of dry needling made me a bit anxious, I have to say that Nate’s calm professionalism made the sessions something I actually looked forward to as I knew that the results following would be great.  I have told many people of my experiences with Nate and his practice and I will not hesitate to recommend him to my associates, friends and family.”
-Bob Kowalsky


“I suffered from chronic back pain after a car accident and was referred to Nate Sorum. Initially I was just doing exercises that weren’t helping, so then I started dry needling. After only three sessions I was pain free and will advise anyone with chronic pain to give it a try!”
-Sarah T.


“I was involved in an accident 12 years ago, and had pain in my right lower leg.  I fractured my fibula in two places and even though the fractures healed the pain continued.  Nate performed needling in my lower leg and the pain is almost completely gone.  I was desperate but hopeful that things would get better and I was pleasantly surprised.  Nate made the visits pleasant and comfortable.”

-Alice Eckes, RN


“My sports therapist recommended that I try dry needling in tandem with my therapy, Nate came highly recommend. I had tried acupuncture with no success. Dry Needling was very different and after 5 sessions I had significant relief from knots that would not go away. Nates knowledge and skill on what areas to treat and how the body will react to certain treatments was spot on. I have recommended Nate to all of my friends that ate active like me.”
-Mark Collings


“I began seeing Nate in September 2013 for hip pain after 6 weeks with another therapist group was not helpful. I was impressed with his caring, knowledge and use of research based practice. I started to see improvement with his approach and guidance. His suggestion to use dry needling has made a significant difference in decreasing/eliminating my pain. It has been more effective than deep massage since it can target the “knot” in the muscle directly and promote muscle relaxation. I’m amazed at how much better I am able to do activities and yard work compared to a year ago. I will always appreciate his patience in answering all my questions and teaching me how to do things differently.”

-Pat L.


“I have been receiving manual therapy as well as Trigger Point Dry Needling from Dr. Nate Sorum for pain and tension in my neck and upper back/ shoulder area. Due to the combination of hands-on therapy, Trigger Point Dry Needling and strength/ flexibility home exercises, I am seeing continuous improvement in flexibility as well as tension and pain relief, and I am very excited and hopeful about the progress I am making. Nate is extremely knowledgeable, very professional and always listens to any concerns or questions I have.  I truly appreciate how dedicated and personable he is.

Nate, thank you for inspiring, educating and supporting me on my way to getting pain-free.

I highly recommend Dr. Nate Sorum and have already referred Sorum Physiotherapy to family and friends.”

-Carola D.


I love the outdoors and I love being active. I retired a couple of years ago to follow these passions, but found that the lifestyle I dreamed about was being threatened by lower back pain, caused by herniated disks and arthritis. After consulting with several doctors, it became clear that I would have to learn to manage this pain, as there are no magical cures for these issues.

The doctors recommended physical therapy, which is how I met Nate. I was impressed with how much PT has advanced, and especially impressed with Nate who is well versed and trained with the latest techniques, including dry needling. Nate’s approach is to treat the muscle dysfunction aggressively, not just to reduce the pain and discomfort, but also to allow me to reach my activity goals. I just returned from a two bicycling weekends, including a fund raising event biking over 50 miles of rolling hills. And next week I leave for Colorado to hike in the mountains.

I can’t say that I live pain free, but Nate’s approach puts me in better touch with my body so I can make better decisions on my activity levels. We both know that the more active I am, the better I feel. His physical therapy and his personal encouragement go a long way in allowing me to really enjoy an active retirement.

Dave Chappell


MY CRPS JOURNEY (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome)

I first started my journey eleven months ago, after I broke my right leg and tore my PCL ligament.After the three month mark, I was in a lot of pain and my doctor ordered physical therapy. I started out good, but it increased my pain and swelling instead of taking it away. My PTdecided to turn it up a notch and the next day I was totally disabled. I was unable to work and in a ton of pain. My ortho doctor seemed confused and had me rest another week before seeing him again. He then decided I may need exploratory surgery and said, “I should not be in this much pain.”

I took it upon myself to get a second opinion. It was another orthopedic surgeon and he diagnosed me with CRPS. He saw my leg was a little red and colder than the other one.At this point, I was able to work four hour days with a lot of pain.The only pain reliever that helped was Xanax and it put me to sleep, so I couldn’t take it. He did not order anything for me and told me not to go to PT.

With his lack of explanation with my new diagnoses, I started doing my own research. From what I gathered, the last thing I should have been doing was nothing. Diagnosing it early is key —  keeping it moving is key. I was highly confused at this point for two reasons. One, how am I going to move it.The pain was unbearable with exercise.The other is, why did my doctor not order ANYTHING for me?Why is early diagnosis key if I’m not suppose to do anything with it? I had a lot of questions.

I then decided to spend hours and days researching for a PT that was educated in CRPS. Needless to say, it was very hard. CRPS is not as common and no one had any info on their websites or in their bios.This is when I felt I struck gold and found Nate’s bio. He said, “I have a special interest in CRPS”. And was that statement true. Just to hear those words were like winning the lottery to me.

I called Nate immediately and we talked for a while on the phone. I begged my Ortho doctor to please let me see Nate and reassured him Nate seemed very educated on the matter.Against my doctors will and the realization I will not let this go, he agreed.

My first visit with Nate was much different than I would have imagined. I was very nervous with the memory of what happened with my other PT. Nate began to educate me, and educate me and educate me some more. He taught me how to exercise my leg without actually exercising it. Sounded a little strange to say the least, but after I achieved one challenge after another, I started seeing marked improvement. I was glad to be exercising it (even though I wasn’t actually physically exercising it). It was good to know I was doing anything other than nothing.

After all my non physical tasks were achieved, I was able to move up and start incorporating physical exercise. Nate started me out very slow. Flossing exercises and finally graduating to normal weight bearing exercises. Just a couple reps at a time. On most days, I am now doing 30 to 40 squats among other weight bearing exercises.

As my therapy progressed, there were times I actually had a pain level of 0. I would surprise myself at work when I found myself forgetting I had CRPS. My family, friends and co-workers realized I wasn’t talking about it as much and I was smiling again. I was making plans for the future, attending my sons sporting events and vacationing.

Today, I am able to enjoy physical exercise, walking a lot, shopping, working and so many other things I had not been able to do, and thought I would never be able to do again. I still feel my CRPS, but with Nate’s help, I am able to manage it.As I am writing this letter, I don’t feel any pain at all.What a difference a doctor makes. I feel blessed to have found Nate. He would not let me give up.