Muscle pain caused by trigger points plays such a common role in musculoskeletal pain. Often normal amounts of joint degeneration are the scape goat of knee, hip, back, neck, or other pain. However, these aches and pains respond well to treatment of trigger points in the area. Trigger point treatment can include trigger point dry needling, manual trigger point release techniques, heat, stretching, strengthening of nearby supporting muscles, postural and body mechanics training, motor control exercises, muscle relaxation techniques, and others. Don’t let pain hold you down!


Trigger point dry needling is a powerful treatment tool that I have received advanced training and certification in. I have seen amazing changes in pain and function in everyone ranging from people with severe, chronic pain to high-level athletes to everyday folks like me with those low level aches and pains we wish would just go away. 


Good Back Pain Tips and How a Physical Therapist Can Help


There is a small, but growing movement in physical therapy practice pushing back against the quantity over quality mentality. This video is from a practice in Virginia that shares the same belief as me in how quality, patient-centered care achieves superior results and costs a fraction of what quantity-driven care does in the short and long term.