What to Expect

Sorum Physiotherapy was created in order to exceed your expectations of quality, by providing unsurpassed compassionate care, customer service, and skilled physical therapy intervention.

Therefore Expect…

      • to be listened to
      • to take accountability, to collaborate, to learn, to adapt, and to be empowered to reach your goals
      • one on one treatment with the same highly-skilled Doctor of Physical Therapy every session
      • 60 minute treatment sessions
      • a whole-body approach that allows for the “drivers” of pain and dysfunction to be properly identified and treated (example: low back pain caused from hip instability)
      • each session to include “before and after testing” to demonstrate meaningful change in your dysfunction from treatment
      • objective, evidence-based outcome measurement 
      • your therapist to be your advocate

Don’t Expect…

      • to be “fixed.” (we will illuminate you path to recovery, but your full participation and engagement is required)
      • to be handed off to lesser-skilled physical therapy assistants or aides
      • to be treated by a therapist attempting to treat multiple patients at once
      • passive, complementary modalities such as ultrasound, electric stimulation, cold/heat, or laser to be used as primary treatments
      • to go through the same simple, repetitive exercises each session that you could just as easily do on your own time
      • cookie cutter treatment